Friday, January 1, 2010

What a zoo

I worked a 5-5 last night instead of the usual 3-3. It wasn't a great night, for a New Years Eve, it was only ok.

The overhead was way to massive however. I severely injured my thumb. Now it's actually hard to turn the ignition key. The x-rays say nothings broken, hand specialist will look at in a week.

Last night was the first time anyone ever said, "You're Real Cab Driver?" Someone who'd read this blog without me telling them about it, in my cab!!!!!!!

Around 3:30 this smart ass bartender got out of the cab and refused to pay. He shoved me a couple of times, and walked away laughing. His girlfriend wasn't too happy, she wanted to know why he did such things so frequently, I didn't hear the answer. I called the cops, and the officer told me he'd write the guy for disorderly, a $400 ticket. He could do this because while I was talking to the officer the guy called the cops to complain that I was trying to get in his apartment building. I think that lie was enough for the officer all by itself.

New Years Eve with a full moon, how could anyone expect less.

I had a banker in the cab who said he thinks the economy will do a lot better this year. He said that availability of funds to loan was good. Da wha........ I play the stock market too. One of the biggest variables in banking is how much money they can get their hands on to loan. If money available to loan dries up, your credit score isn't important, there's no water in the well. My biggest winner in 2009 has the stock symbol GFRE, which prompts me to share the story of Dow Chemical. GFRE is a company in China that produces specialty chemicals. Dow was founded by a guy who went prospecting for underground salt water when he

In general it took a lot out of me. I guess I must be getting old.

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