Sunday, August 15, 2010

Small town cops

A small town cop just came on private property to tell me I could get a ticket for my dog being off leash. My dog can be off leash on private property. The way he said South Beloit, made it sound like South Beloit is someplace special. South Beloit is special, in 2o days I've had 2 contacts with the police, they can go to hell. I'll leave here and never come back to this bull shit community again. I normally go YEARS without contacts with police, I'm not a criminal, I don't cause trouble, I'll never spend a cent here again.

I'm sure that asshole missed the ordinance that prohibits working on your car in your driveway. If they don't have such an ordinance then the city fathers have missed a shot, they have such an ordinance in Madison. It is illegal to fix your car in your own driveway in Madison.