Monday, November 30, 2009

Hookers and dancers

I often tell people that when I get off work the only people out are the cab drivers, cops, and the people your parents told you to stay away from when you were a kid. Only some of those people your parents told you to avoid are actually pretty nice.

At the moment, we have 2 dancers, and one prostitute who are regular customers. Dancers? Yeah, as in exotic dancers, strippers. All 3 of these ladies are pretty nice.

The first of the 3 that I met is a college student who dances. She's nice looking, around 22, and nice to talk to. I kind of wonder if people will look at her weird because she was a dancer after she graduates. I really hope she is able to get what we refer to as a real job, and doesn't wind up dancing after she graduates. I never intended to drive a cab for over 20 years, yet here I am, and I want to do it until I'm too old to drive, yeah I really really hope she gets herself a real job.

The second of the 3 is the other dancer. She lives out on the north side, is 30ish, and smokes. Of the 3 she tips the least, though they all tip well. She's slim. I'll bet she puts on a good show. She can and will tell you about the business of stripping, so she can be quite informative. For instance, I never realized that the up north girls come down to Madison a few nights a year to basically horn in on the local girls money. I did know that the bars up north get extra talent in for deer season, but it never occurred to me that the girls who work in those bars simply get ripped off for those sets that ought to belong to them. You'd think that they'd look forward to deer season, but they probably don't because instead of making extra money as you'd think, they probably make less. Summer time works like that for us, you'd think we could make more money because the roads are good, but summer is a good time to find something else to do besides drive a cab. Hopefully I have my summer in 2010 set up to do other work, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that nothing screws up.

The prostitute I met just recently. I've heard her ride go out a number of times and because of where she lives it's a hard ride to move. I made a point of talking to a couple of the dispatchers about it, and I think they'll move her rides easier from now on. She usually tips an amount about equal to the fare. Very gregarious, terribly attractive, I'm sure she makes pretty good money. I always wondered about the place she works, it's been there for over 25 years. I always figured that if you went there you'd have to be a regular customer, someone they pretty well knew, if you were going to get some. Not so, she says. She described the screening process that they use to avoid servicing cops, and she says that they certainly come in the place and try to get some. So, now when guys ask me to take them to a cat house, instead of saying none exist, I'll take them there. I'll have to tell them that they can't get any there and wink or something, but I'm sure it'll come to me when it comes up.

I like all 3, great regular customers.