Monday, January 25, 2010

The happiest Badger cab.

In the photo of me, you also see the happiest Badger cab. Why is it the happiest cab...........

I went combing through the blog looking for this story and couldn't find it. It's my next first chapter attempt. How could I have possibly left it out?

Goes like this:

I only ever got one brand new cab. It was 71 I think (171), and it was back in the Dodge Diplomat days. Some people like Mean Gene and Boom Town get a lot of new cabs but they whine for them. I don't. And the fact of the matter is, I like driving junk anyway. 72 these days has a maj0r dent in the right front fender that they say Gooooner left there for me. Thanks alot Rabbit. (yes the guy has 2 nicknames) Where was I..........

I was given this new cab, first ever shift driven in it to drive, back in the day. I think it was a Friday night, but it could have been Saturday. I'm trolling for drunks on State street around 10:00 pm and this couple wave at me. They want to go to Squaw Bay. Cool, hop in.

We get to about Southtown and the Belt and this lady asks if anybody's ever had sex in my cab. I say not so far. She asks if they can have sex in the back seat. What a way to christen a new cab right? "If you're willing to pay for it, I don't care what you do in the back seat."

She asks how we should do this thing and I suggest driving west on the belt line until the fellow is finished. She says do it, and we're off.

I got back on the belt line west bound and got all the way to Airport rd., before she said they were done. Then I turned around and went back to Southtowne. Very nice fare!!

I took them to their house, and she danced from the cab to the front door. The guy sat there in the back seat with that stupid shit eating look on him for a minute then he slowly plodded to the door. And I figured that any cab that was used for getting a piece on it's maiden cruise had to be the happiest cab in the fleet. What do you think?

And I think I'll do my next chapter one rewrite using this as the first story. I've tried a dry explanitory, and I didn't like it much. I've tried violence, and it's ok, but not really good enough, but this is kind of catchy. Many passengers ask if anybody's ever gotten a piece in the back seat, it's a sort of romantic idea, in a real coarse sort of way. Well.......... worst that can happen is it will become yet another first chapter that didn't work.

Next try

My next try for rewriting this blog as a book is going to start with the happiest cab. Everybody likes sex, right?

Over the weekend I finally saw something I wondered why I'd never seen it before. Happened like this:

I get this guy in at the airport going to west HS. He's a nice guy and I have a dead fitter to bid on at Oscars going to the square, so I bid on it and get it, it's Sims going to Genna's. This guy get's in, I've seen him before.

We get to Genna's and he's fumbling for money for a LONG time, then he starts saying he already paid me. I've always wondered when somebody would claim they already paid. Well it finally happened. Cops eventually pulled a wad of cash out of his pocket and I got paid. He was doing it on purpose, and I know how it goes, a couple of drivers know him to be a dirt bag so they make him pay up front, and the rest get pissed off at the stalling act and curse him out of the cab.

Well........ John of 22 Langdon, you never ride in my cab again, pay up front or no pay up front. I don't give a damn if you'll be late for work and it's a sober ride to work that you intend to pay for or not, you don't ride. PERIOD. Ever again. John rides from 22 Langdon to Oscars, and from Sims to Genna's and from Genna's and the Rustic to 22 Langdon. And I won't simply tell the man on the radio that I won't take you, I'll forget to tell him anything, so you will for sure be late.

And to the other drivers who take this ass hole and make him pay up front, you help him steal from other drivers, you should refuse to take him. He has his act down. You've helped him develope it.

After fucking around for almost 20 minutes with this asshole John in the parking ramp under the PMI I finally get back to the cab and the consultant who'd traveled for 30 hours was still in the back seat. He wasn't in a rage. Very nice fellow. He paid without complaint. I should have given him the ride for free, but couldn't afford to.

On a darker note, Hamdinger is gone. I stopped talking to him a month ago because he stepped on a call I was up for just because he was Hamdinger. He smiled in the lot and said hello and I walked past him without speaking, and he said, "I guess you're mad at me."

Well, I was. 6 bucks is 6 bucks, and he took it out of my pocket. I wouldn't have done that to him if I was in the wrong, or if I knew he was going to get canned. Only now he's gone, and until and if he gets hired on with Mad Taxi, he's gone for good and I'll never see him again. We worked together for almost 20 years. He's an idiot anyhow. The mamasita he married will probably dump him and his life will probably fall apart. Sorry Gruber, ah............ sorry is all I got to say, you're in a lot of shit now. It kind of reminds me of a guy I knew back in '84 who got himself murdered and how all that came about, sad stories, why...............