Sunday, February 28, 2010

Comments......... And other low lifes

It was my intention to never moderate comments. So I never learned how. Regrettably, I've had to learn how. To the Chinese guy who placed comments I had to remove on my blog, I say, stop coming here. If I have to learn how to exclude you from coming here, I guess I'll have to do that too. What a waste of my time.

Last night I had these 2 lowlifes who came out of Taco Bell on State just as I was going to pull away. I tell the woman that she should call a cab when she's ready to go, not when she gets in line to buy food. She immediately goes off on me that I have an attitude, and she'll get another cab driver, and she'll call the company and complain. She wasn't waiting in line for food, she was standing inside by the TV. Watching TV instead of watching for the cab. She insists she was watching for the cab and again goes into this litany of what she's going to do to me.

Ok, out of the cab. What???? You heard me, out of the cab. I'm going to go and do something else and you're going to get another driver. When they're out, I key the mike on channel 2 and tell the phone guy about it. And guess what? Did they get a red and white to take their sorry drunk ass's home? I doubt it. If they did, they did it as flags because no call was accepted over the phone.