Sunday, October 13, 2013

Google is crapping on us yet again

Claiming they're making it better they've tried to tie blogs to Google+.  Google+ is the worst idea they've tried to shove down my throat to date.  Oh, it's gotta be friendly for cell phones, and instant messenger.  Screw that!!  That's not why I blog.

Oh well, I guess I have an another huge argument for turning this blog into that book, and series of short stories sooner than later.  And believe it, good blogs do that before you get a chance to finish reading them.  The blog I liked was one by an American in Columbia, and one day it just wasn't there anymore.  Did I ever find the guy's book?  No.  I'll bet it's out there, but there are so many titles out there.

Advise to anybody out there who is blogging, NEVER touch anything you look at and say, "I wonder what that is and how it works?"  Rest assured it's some big brotherish crap dreamed up in some office cube in someplace like Sunnyvale, by some clueless ass hole who could give a shit about anything but paying his car payment.