Thursday, February 11, 2010

Amazing weekend

It was a simply amazing weekend. I had a journalist who told me what I needed to thread my blog stories together and make a book out of it. I had a couple of lawyers who told me how to deal with my landlord/roomate. Lynetto said I could stash some of my junk in her garage. And........

Drum roll.................................

I had that thread I needed walk into my life. How did that go????????????

Well, Eric was on the radio abusing a new driver, nothing new about that. It was Sunday night. I keyed the mike and said 72, and waited for him to get back to me. Eventually he did. But when this actually happened Eric was on phones and Brown was on the radio. The issue was a paper jam in the MDT units. I explained how to fix it, and Eric crossed over and went into a tirade about how I was wasting radio time. So, instead of working 2p-2a, I only worked 2a-10p to spite them. That put me in the office about 10:15pm.

This lady came in and she looked like she was ready to cry. I asked if she was the new kid and she said she was. Every time I'd been in the office earlier that night and she'd been trying to get help from dispatch, Eric had been laughing his ass off. I never realized what a pri#k Eric was before then, but he's a huge one. The 3 of them JJ, Bro*n, and Eric, all read this guys, you're evil. So, I agree to take this lady out for private lessons, and get in her cab as a rider.

TCR was NOT pleased. I realized that they'd done the same thing to me 21 years ago. Way it works is, trainer says to the office, 'This driver is not going to work out.' Office says ok, and the bums rush begins. Only a true glutton for punishment survives this, and I guess I'm a true glutton for punishment. So, now I'm making a driver who won't work out, work out. Yet another strike against me, but hey, they can only hate me so much so does it matter? Nope.

AND.......... Had a journalist in my cab who advised me on making this blog a book. He said I needed a common thread. Well that new driver is the thread. She's 35ish, just like I was. She will be a real cab driver too. I touched a life. People asked me if I touched lives, well I try not to, but yet again I touched one. I created a cab driver.

AND........ Had a couple of lawyers in the cab, they told me how to deal with my roomate/landlord, and the work begins to get out of this hole. Lynetto said I could stash some of my equipment at her place, now the work begins. I really will get this place comdemned, the county will do it, and the bugs and rodents will be the basis.

AND........ I even made money. Wow.