Monday, December 28, 2009

The thespian and barrista

Ah, he was a great audience. He came up to me at the airport as I was about to take off with another fare and he also wanted to also get in. A split from the air to Monona and Hilldale? Oooo, delightful!!! It was south Midvale, so it worked. It was a GREAT run, I had a few long fitters, just fantastic!!! Anyhow, the guy, the story..........

The guy tells me he's an actor, and he hustles coffee for a living at a coffee house. So we talk about stories, and he tells me that acting is story telling. So I tell him the story of the 5 knife stories, and start telling them. He's a great audience!!

What's really most great about this fellow is he tells me that some of my stories might make good monologues for auditions. He's right, they would, and I never knew about this use of monologues before. The Somebody did a Doogie in This Cab story has 3 distinct voices in it, in a certain way it would be perfect.

So I will be looking to publish in small story form a few of the tales in the blog. Thank you sir!!!!!

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Seth M. Ward said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog:D Hope life and the road is treating you good. Just a suggestion, but it would be great if you would put a follow widget on your blog so that I can follow you along. You can click on mine and sign up to follow there if you want.

Glad you refused service to that idiot. I'm pretty picky about where I pick up and where I will go. Sometimes it hinders my ability to make a good day, but to me it's worth it.

Happy New Year.