Friday, September 3, 2010

Yellow cabs

For many years, I felt that the company with the yellow cabs was the best place to drive. The only problem was I didn't think I could get in, or I was already driving a red and white one, depending on when it was. I kind of envied our drivers who got fired and ended up driving yellow cabs. So, I went and applied in June, I think.

First they said they couldn't have me because I'd concealed my criminal past. Criminal past? The application specifically said felony's and misdemeanor's, I pointed that out and admitted I was in the data base, but for what's called an ordinance violation. A lesser thing. Ok, so they had to interview me. I kept going back each time expecting them to say, 'Well, we can't have you because..........' Only, that didn't happen. The final time, yesterday, after that interview I was told that I was hired, and they gave me all the caveats, you can be fired for this that and the next thing.

What does it really mean? I'm not sure. I do know this, if March 15th rolls around next year and I'm still driving a yellow cab I'll think real seriously about throwing a big cab drivers party. I haven't been to one since Jack Jensen died, no, check that, we had one for Duane, and we had one for Club, but both of them were somber events, both were about to die. I think the last great cab drivers party, one where everyone was happy, was at Jensen's house, before he was diagnosed with cancer.

I won't give any excuses. I will take any and all abuse from the public, do anything the dispatcher asks of me, and do all the other things. Other things? Yes, check the tire pressure, wear the seat belt, fill out the paperwork correctly and put in the full amount of money. If I can't say something nice to another yellow cab person, say nothing at all. I don't have to attend the meetings though. How's that? Well, I'm not a member of the coop until I've been there 6 months, so I can't participate until I'm a member. Going to meetings is a responsibility of members, and if and when I'm a member I'll go to them, but until I'm a member, I won't take the risk that some member won't like me. Low profile, that's how I'm going to be for the first 6 months.

Wish me luck!!