Saturday, January 2, 2010

There ought to be a law

There ought to be a law prohibiting passengers from using cell phones. There is a law prohibiting smoking, so don't say such a law is impossible.

2 consecutive passengers:

First one gets in and insists on sitting behind me, and demands I close window. It's cracked 1/2". So she gets on her cell phone and calls the company and tells them I won't roll up the window, she's cold, she doesn't want to move to the passenger side, and they need to make me roll up the window. Screech!!! Now there are almost tears in her voice, she's telling the phone guy she thinks I'm going to kick her out of the cab. Under different circumstances perhaps, but it's very cold, I just take her back to where she came from and tell her she can get a cab driver she likes. I tell the dispatcher that no matter what the issue, if a passenger calls the company to complain or demand they get their way about something, they're out of the cab, PERIOD.

Next passenger can't talk, she has a lisp. She holds out the cell phone like it's a loudspeaker, I can't hear it right. So, she wants me to talk to some guy on it, and it's like a cherry bomb went off next to my ear. Then she claims it's not her fault, it's the phones fault.

Bottom line, I will never put a passengers cell phone up to my ear again.

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