Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday night

Weird weekend. And it finished weird too.

There's this hotel on Hayes rd. that I've taken women to, who struck me as prostitutes. There's nothing wrong with being a prostitute, but usually they don't tip. You'd think they'd be smart enough to want to be on the right side of everybody in their little world. Nope.

Anyway, I get this girl, she's around 21 out of this hotel and she wants a round trip to Arby's. Ok. I've also got Red Robin going to 51 & 151 to get so I tell the girl, ok I'll do her round trip but how we do it is going to depend on what the other passenger is doing. Between the motel and Red Robin her phone rings and she starts talking to this john. The waitress from Red Robin gets in, she wants to go to Walgreen's.

So I tell the girl with the phone we'll drop the waitress off before we go to Arby's. The entire time the waitress is in the cab the girl with the phone is talking to 2 different john's. 'I get $200 for this, I get $150 for that. No, you can't sleep in bed with me all night, but we can sort of work out what you want for $250.', and so on.

Waitress gets out, and I ask the kid where bozo's like the one she just finished talking to get her number from. 'Oh, places.............' I tell the kid that the cab is a public place and if I was her, I'd turn that cell phone off when I got in the cab. I also made a loud comment about a waitress not tipping, kid apparently got that, she tipped $2.00. First time any of the prostitutes tipped.

Then the guy calls back and wants directions to where she is. So I ask her where he is, she tells me HWY 14 coming into the south side of town. Ok, tell the guy to take the beltline east to I90, get off at East Washington, get on the frontage road on the north side of the street, go back toward the interstate and he'll see the place you say you want to meet him at. She had almost $35.00 in cab fare and Arby's, for a couple of combo's.

I then checked it in. Worst Sunday I've had in over a year.

Clueless people. Simply Clueless.