Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cat fight

It was a really slow night. When there's nothing to do, you can either sit or drive around. Since cab rent is paid by the mile, I usually prefer to find someplace to sit. On this night, I'd gotten a fare out of The Lodge, it looked like they were throwing a party, so I decided to sit in the alley facing their front door. It turned out to be a good decision. I'd gotten a few fares who saw the cab sitting right there, and asked for a ride. The rides all went a short distance, I'd get empty and hurry back to wait for another.

The Lodge is a frat house, Xsi Psi. It's located on Iota ct., which is the heart of fraternity row. It sits on about 100 feet of lakefront lot, which slopes steeply down to the water. It's about a block and a half walk from the house to campus. They say that all Xsi Psi houses, on what ever campus they exist, are called The Lodge, I wouldn't know. It's a nice looking building from the outside, inside, well it's a frat, so I'm sure it looks like one.

These 2 guys come out and ask for a ride. One is average size, one is a big man, about the right size to be a lineman on the football team. The big man sits in the front seat, the little man sits in back. From the time they sit down, the big man keeps saying, "God was she hot. God was she hot."

The little man just rode in the back seat. They wanted to go to Bradley Hall. Bradley Hall, is in the lakeshore dorms, it was the last "jock" dorm, and at the time was still all male. In the 90's, the university in it's infinite wisdom, converted all the dorms to co-ed. Back at the time of this night, there were still 2 non co-ed dorms, Bradley and Liz, Liz was all female, many called it The Virgin Vault. They got out at Bradley Hall, paid me, and I headed straight back to my spot in the alley opposite the front door to The Lodge.

I took a couple of other rides, that I have long since forgotten about, and was again waiting, when 4 girls came out of the door and asked for a ride. They wanted to go to Monona, which is way off campus. I told them to get in, and was just about to pull away, when the front door again opened, and a guy accompanied by 2 women walked out into the night air. The girl on the passenger side of the front seat, and the girl behind me, immediately had the car doors open, and were standing with their hands on the top's of the open doors, screaming obscenities at the trio that had just come out of the front door of The Lodge. They were screaming threats, and curses, things like, 'I ought to kick your ass bitch.'

These girls weren't acting much like college girls, to my thinking. I immediately told them that if they wanted a ride, they needed to get in the cab and shut the doors. If they didn't want a ride, they needed to get out. Ladies, do you want a ride or not? Make up your mind. If you don't make up your mind, I'll make it up for you and kick you out of the cab. One last time, if you want a ride, sit down and close the doors, otherwise, get out. They sat down and closed the doors. It took a minute to pin down where exactly they wanted to go. They wanted to go to Pflaum rd. pretty close to LaFollette HS. Once we had the destination pinned down, I put the cab in gear, and we were off.

I pulled around the corner on to Henry St. and up the steep hill to the stop sign at Langdon st. When I stopped at Henry and Langdon, the 2 girls and the guy they'd been yelling at were crossing the street, they were walking right in front of the cab. It was too much for the girls in the cab. The girl from the front seat, and the girl from the seat behind me were out the doors and attacking the girls crossing the street in an instant, as soon as the cab stopped. I looked at the open doors, and the fight going on in front of the cab in the middle of the street, and there was only one thing to do, I keyed the mike and asked the dispatcher for the police. The dispatcher asked why I wanted the police, and I calmly described the situation, he said ok and a minute later said the cops were on the way.

The 2 girls remaining in the cab, had listened to me call the police, and they sat there like nothing had happened. I was amazed! I told them that the police were coming, and they might want to go pull their friends off their 2 victims before the cops arrived. The fight going on in front of the cab was pretty amazing, one of the 2 girls had been throwing standing kicks to the chest of her opponent. They were pulling hair, and slugging their victims with closed fists, and it was obvious that these 2 girls who were going to Monona knew how to fight. It was equally obvious that the 2 girls they were attacking did not know how to fight. The poor guy was having no success pulling my passengers off his friends, and he was getting beat up pretty bad too. When I told the 2 girls in the cab that they might want to pull their friends off, they jumped out of the cab and did so.

After the the girls going to Monona were pulled off, to my great amazement, all four of them got back in the cab. The 2 girls who had gotten beat up, and their male companion, got up and quickly walked down Langdon st., in the direction of campus. I pulled the cab up in front of the building on the far side of the intersection and parked. One of the girls in the back seat asked why we weren't going any where. I told her that once the cops are called, I have to wait for the cops to come. She said ok, and they just sat there. Again, I was pretty amazed.

Around 10 minutes later, the cops got there. I recall my conversation with the officer pretty well, I told her exactly what had happened. She just shrugged and said, she didn't have a victim, without a victim she didn't have a crime, and that being the case, we were all free to go. So, we left. Off to Monona.

The girls in the cab forgot the whole incident pretty quick. You'd think they would have been livid about me calling the cops, but they acted as if nothing had happened. The girl in the front seat, the really tough one, started saying, "God, was he hot."

The girl in the front seat wasn't bad looking. She wasn't stunningly beautiful, but she was was certainly ok. She had short dark hair, was about 5' 5", had an average build, and was wearing average looking clothes. She kept repeating to herself, "God, was he hot." Monona was a long ride, so I listened to this for a while, and finally asked her, "What did he look like, anyway?"

She had this dreamy quality to the look on her face, and the tone of her voice. She said that he was a big man, about 6'5", with a really muscular build. He had short hair, and was wearing, what ever it was she said he was wearing, and that he was a really good dancer.

She was describing the guy who went to Bradley hall. She was describing the guy who'd said, "God, was she hot.", all the way back to his dorm. No question about it.

I told her, "You know, the guy you're talking about took a cab home a little while before you came out of that frat party, and all the way back to his dorm, he said exactly what you're saying, 'God, was she hot.'"

"Stop the cab! I want to go to Bradley hall. I want his baby!", she blurted out.

I told her that Bradley hall was security locked, and if I took them there she wouldn't be able to get in this late at night. Even if she did get in, this late at night, she wouldn't know what room he lived in, and she'd have no way of finding him. She sighed, and said nothing. Apparently, they'd danced the night away, without exchanging names.

When we got to their destination on Pflaum rd., they paid me and started walking off in 3 different directions. It was then obvious they had asked for the point where the walk to each ones home was about the same distance. I didn't care, I was paid. I even knew what the fight was over. These girls were obviously high school students. The girls who had gotten beat up, and took off walking in the direction of the dorms, they were pretty obviously college students. The college girls probably made a big deal out of the underage girls being at the party. It was kind of amusing, but I didn't care much, they were out of the cab. I went looking for my next ride.

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