Tuesday, September 23, 2008

drivers nicknames

Jerry is the dispatcher who gave me my nickname, which is R. C. Craw Daddy broadened it to Real Cabdriver, but he's the only one who actually calls me that.

A short list of nicknames I remember would be:

Fast Eddie, Mud Pie, Buntie, Bam Bam, Tiberious, Buck, Flannagoon, Tank, Boom, Knuckles, Wicked Wanda, Air Head, Schmittaie, The Rod, Spike, Light Bulb, School Marm, Bubba, Stone eye, J. Crudley Doright - Crud for short, Scary Jerry, Mr. Squirlie, T-fus, Bumper, The Wombat, Raven, Square Pants, Blondie, J. C., P. C., J. D., The Hog, Trasher, Puffie, Boomtown, The Minus, Hippie, Pin Head, Piggie, Bull Frog, Cadillac Jack, Crazy Terry, Lucky Pierre, Gwench, Jumbo, Schnidley, Ham Dinger, Bull Dog, Max Factor, Lean Jean, Buck, Circus, Worm Boy, Hoser, Mean Gene, Hammer, Craw Daddy, Roy Boy, Hood, The Sidewalk Commando, John Boy, Perfesser Neil Boy, Big T, Kipper, El Dougaie, Duke, Magpie, Smiley, Duh, The Brick, and of course The Psycho Bitch From Hell.

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