Monday, September 29, 2008

Paradise Driver: I TOLD YOU SO!#links#links#links

Paradise Driver: I TOLD YOU SO!#links#links#links

I like this guy's blog. He has a list of cab driver blog links that's a mile long, a bunch in foriegn languages, and a bunch of good cartoons, and, well, I have to spend more time checking it out. It's pretty cool, even if the content is mostly non cab, except for the cab driver links.

Oh, yeah, he has a big section that has, on this date....... Well, on this date, 9/29/2008, my father died. I hope there is a heaven, and I hope he's there. Bye dad. When the reality of it truely sinks in, I'll weep, but it hasn't yet. It will.


King of New York Hacks said...

RCD , sending you a hug as I know its always a tough day to get through as I lost a parent too. You get an extra KING hug, and there is a heaven and he is there. Trust me , The King knows these things. Peace.

Lugosi said...

Paradise Driver used to hack in Hawaii until a few months ago. He does have cab related posts but you have to look further back in his archives.
Also, in case you're interested, there's the Taxi Blogroll. To the best of knowledge, it has all cabdriver blogs listed, including some which are no longer maintained. You can see it in the right hand column of my site.

Gnightgirl said...

Have been reading thru your posts, and this one took me back. So sorry for your loss.