Monday, October 21, 2013

What's wrong with where I live, post #1

I was all set to say, what's wrong with America, but the state I live in has some SERIOUS issues.  How so?  Maybe all states have the same issues and I'm just picking on mine, but I don't know.  It turns out mine is worse than some others, but it's bad everywhere.

The Drivers Privacy Protection Act is a federal law that makes it illegal for the DMV in your state to give out your information.  BUT!!!!! That information is available other ways.  Court records and voting records, in general are available.  It's appallingly easy to get all your information, right up to your address and birth date.


Albert Zee said...

IMO, Since invention of internet,our privacy has been violated forever.
Basically, if someone wants to know something about us they can find it on internet including our medical records, interests, social connections, etc.

Real cab driver said...

That ebbs and flows, like the tides. As some congressman's kid gets his privacy invaded, and the congressman doesn't like it enough, they push it a little the other way. If you want privacy you can live on a boat in the middle of the Pacific, Atlantic......... get the idea. I don't really want privacy, I want "nice" neighbors, but what does that mean. And I'm sure that's been what the majority of animals want, humans, sheep, alley rats........... since life got complicated enough to think about it.