Thursday, September 19, 2013

I spent part of today packing up a house library

Many non residents went to Loth and helped today.  It would seem that's been happening for a week.  It was a good thing to do, even if all I did was mostly put books into box's.

Somebody asked me if I knew any people from the old days, and on Loth's facebook page is a comment by a girl named Alice Ogden-Nussbaum.  Her dad's name is Mitch, he lived in Loth in 1979, as did her mother, Genie.  I have not seen them since then, but I remember them being people who cared about the well being of the house.

The house has a huge collection of books, many of them being books that were simply left there when their previous owner's moved away.  Now I know why people get degree's in Library Science, a serious librarian would probably cull a lot of those books.  All those books have to go into box's and into storage while the house is rehabilitated.

There are a few things I can help them move, will help them move, and a couple of moving tools I own that will be very handy for doing it.  Experience really helps when moving a piano, and I've moved a number of them.

This fellow who was breaking up discarded furniture in the drop box outside borrowed my sledge hammer for a little while, and he broke it.  I told him how to put a new handle into it, but I will fix it myself.  If he gives me a new handle for it tomorrow, I'll use it, but I expect to buy one myself.  Fascinating fellow, he's a writer, he could teach me so much.  Many of the members are really interesting folks.  I wonder if they realize what an extraordinary group they are?  Probably not.  When I lived in Bag End none of us thought we were anything special, either individually, or as a group.  If I'm exceptionally fortunate, they'll let me share their company for a couple of years. 

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