Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A new home

I'm looking at a new place to live, and they're looking at me.  What to say about it?  It's what I wanted when I moved here a long time ago.  I said in writing I was only interested in about 2 years.  Why would I want it now, and why only 2 years.

2 years first.  There are some very nice places to live in this town that have restrictions on how old you have to be to live in them.  I have the place I want picked out, and I'll be the right age in a couple of years.  Nicer as the place downtown is, the place I'm alluding to is really really nice.  Allows dogs.  Affordable.  Quiet.  Comfy.  It will be a long wait.

Why do I want it now?  Right now I need to simplify my life.  I've got too much crap, and I do mean crap.  AND I really need to write this blog up in book form.

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