Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wow, I guess it has been a long time.

I see in other peoples blogs, mentions of the famous people they've had in their cabs. Out here in the middle of the Midwest, we don't get too many famous people, but I'll tell you about mine, modest though they are.

I've had 3, 2 famous jocks, and the chief justice of the state supreme court.

To most readers, the famous jocks would be more interesting, so I'll describe their ride first. Around bar time on the night they won the college championship, here on home ice, I had Chris Chellios and Mike Richter in the cab. For the benefit of the non sports fans out there, these guys play hockey. The NYC drivers will recognize Richter's name right away, he played for the Rangers and either is or will be in the NHL Hall of Fame. Chellios played most of his career in Chicago, but has played for Detroit for a number of years now. Detroit's a better place to play in my mind. The Joe is a great arena, and you've got to love those Hockey Town fans, donating fresh seafood to make the game more colorful on occasion. They played their college hockey in The Dane County Coliseum, back in the days before the Kohl Center. I don't remember where I took them, someplace over by the stadium, they went home from the bar. They got in at the KK, which has always been the place where the football players and hockey players drink. They had been celebrating, and on casual inspection, I was sure that they didn't need any more, and that they even might be talking to Ralph the porcelain god in the morning.

When I was watching a Red Wings game on TV the other night the announcer said he thought Chellios was the oldest player in the NHL. I guess I have been around for a while.

I don't count trips to Al Toon's house. He's a nice customer, but it's always parcel delivery's, so he only ever comes to the door and gives an autograph. In case anybody wonders what became of him, he's a banker.

The Chief Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court is a nice lady named Shirley Abramson. I took her from the airport to pick up her car. She said she likes to do weddings, and will marry anybody in the chambers of the Wisconsin Supreme Court for free, all people need do is ask.

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