Friday, December 19, 2008

My first Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years

They were good holidays. It was cold and snowy. In other years, it's been mild weather and Thanksgiving and Christmas have sucked the fat off dead bears butts. I was a day driver back in those days, I started around 3 am.

When I went in to drive on that first New Years Day, I was amazed, Boomtown had actually brought the cab in on time. I didn't know that on special days they would say over the radio, "Everyone has a day jerk, you will bring your cab in on time."

I was fueled up and on the street in less than 15 minutes. My first run started at O'Cay's Corall, and ended south. There was about 4" fresh snow on the ground.

When the light changed at Blair and Willy, I carefully pulled up to O'Cay's. There were 5 or 6 pairs of guys rolling around in the snow. A fellow who had lost his shirt, jacket, coat, gloves, and hat if he'd had one, ran up to the cab, he wanted to go to State st. If that happened today, I would have told him to get in, knowing he'd be out before I'd need the seat, but I was green and I told him I couldn't help him. I was looking for a pair. The guy had obviously been in the fight too. The back of his white T-shirt was black from people walking on his back.

Pretty quick a woman, dressed to the 9's, and a fellow in a torn up powder blue tux came up to the cab. They were going to the right address. They got in the front seat and we were off. Her dress must have cost at least $300. The left arm of his tux was almost ripped off, only about 2" of stitching was left holding it. He had a bump on the back of his hand that was almost as large as a golf ball. She was consoling him, "Oh you poor baby, oh you poor baby."

"Yeah right," I said to myself. "That's why you spent $300 on that dress, so he could get in a bar fight in a dive like O'Cay's."

It was a real good shift, New Year's always is.

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