Saturday, December 13, 2008

My favorite horse thief

My all time favorite horse thief was Finnigan. Most drivers hated him, but I liked him, he was a funny guy. He mostly worked the airport, and he'd try to load up as heavy as possible every time he was there. Thing was, if you were on good terms with him, he'd share pretty even. Since most people didn't like him, he'd load up multiple fares right in front of them, and just ignore the screaming. Or he'd look inside, then pull around to the end of the line and let the other couple of cabs in the cab stand get the first no luggage people, then he'd load up as the only cab in the place. The almighty liked him too, he died of a heart attack, suddenly, a clean death.

I'd great him by saying, "How's my favorite horse thief today?"

With a wistful look on his face, and tone of voice he'd reply, "You know, they've been scarce lately." The best Finnigan memory of all was his description of picking up a dozen scientists at the physical science lab in Stoughton, and charging each one of them full meter fare, taking them to the airport. When he finished the story he said, "Them Canadians tip good too."
There are other horse thieves, of course.

Who is my favorite horse thief these days? It's close between Blondie and Charlie, they'd both rob you blind in a heartbeat, and I like both of them.

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