Monday, November 10, 2008


One of the things you discover when you start driving a cab is how bad some people smell. Stanky was what some call a steady regular. She lived out at Truax, and it's been enough years that I can't recall where her regular rides went.

Some people who stink just smell bad. Ever heard the term stinking drunk? They stink, but the smell doesn't attach itself to the seat usually. There are other people who have hygene issues, and when they get up and leave the smell is about 3 times worse, Stanky was one of these. She was a native American, and she always wore this gunny sack type dress. She must have had more than 1 dress, perhaps they all looked alike, what I see in my minds eye is her in this brown smock that always looked the same.

I never had any trouble with her. Fast Eddie on the other hand, told me that one day Stanky got in and he picked up a latino couple soon after. Stanky started talking to these folks in spanish, and while most of us don't speak spanish, there are words we all know, like dinero and dollares. Fast Eddie cut her off right away, he said "No panhandling in my cab!" Stanky looked at him in shock, and was immediatly silent. Just another reason why you didn't want Stanky in your cab.


Anonymous said...

interesting blog..

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

When I was a bus rider, occasionally some bum would come on board and "stank" up the whole place, smelling like a dead animal soaked in beer. Very gross.

King of New York Hacks said...

I think stanky is the male version of skanky.Ok, i just made that up.