Monday, September 30, 2013

One of the all time funniest (?) rides

One of the great things about a shared ride cab is, once in a while, you get a really great mix of people in the cab.  2 Hockey Hall of Fame members at once, for instance  (Richter and Chelios)  Yesterday I was waiting for someone and it dawned on me I was looking at where I'd been parked when I had one of my most memorable rides.  That ride will make a great short story.

The carload of people were all going north, all drunk, and all started out around State street.  There were 2 girls who were room mates going home to Westport, and a guy going to the Tip Top Tap for one or 2 more until bar time.  There were 2 more people I don't remember, but everyone can't be notorious can they?

We got to the Tip Top and the guy going there jumped out of the cab and said he had to go inside to get the money.  I always went in with people who pulled that because they NEVER come back.  We got inside, the bartender gave him a glass of beer and told him he'd put it on his tab.  I asked about the money and was told the bar never gave out money for cab rides.  I didn't argue it, but did tell the guy he'd be explaining it to the cops.  Out to the cab, tell dispatch I need the cops, and start to wait.  Hey!  Where did the lady who was in the back seat go?  Her room mate said she'd gone behind a building to pee.  MARVELOUS.....

The cops get there and I get them to collar the guy in the bar for stiffing me for the ride.  They had paper to take him in on, and while I'm talking to them the missing lady comes back.  They ask her if she'd had trouble with me.  No, she tells them she wasn't feeling well so she went behind the apartment building and barfed.  Now she feels much better and she's ready for the rest of the ride home.  Well I'm glad she didn't do it inside the cab.  Though, I always pull over real quick when asked to pull over before somebody gets sick.

The rest of the ride was uneventful, but a little fictionalizing can fill those details in.  It will be a great story.

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