Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sharing a cab, from the passengers perspective

You just landed in Albany, New York.  You're there to visit your son who is a sophomore at the local university, so you've been there before.  Once you're downtown, you'll meet your son for dinner, and walk to your hotel.  The problem is, when the plane lands there are only 3 cabs out there.  You and 6 other people want a ride downtown.  Do you share a cab?  Call a cab on the phone.  Patiently wait for more cabs to come to the airport?  What?

You try to get one or 2 of the other passengers together in a ride to the same destination downtown.  Then you take local cabs from the lobby of that hotel, to your actual final destinations.  It's the fastest way for everybody to get into town.  It's the cheapest way, the person who gets the receipt gets cash from the other passenger or 2.  You don't get a receipt?  You're there to visit a relative, right?  Why do you need one?  If you're the  business man, you can make it sound like you're being a real great guy, offering to share  your cab with somebody who has 2 suitcases.  It's a very easy deal to make.

Can the cab driver say no?  Not really, not if he values his job.  He can not only get fired for refusing, he can get his cab permit revoked, which is worse than fired.  You might talk the company into giving you a break, you will not talk the permitting people into reconsidering.

Should the cab driver refuse this arrangement, take a photo of his face with your phone.  Also take a photo of the number on his cab, and his license plate.  Make a note of the time.  Forward this documentation to the customer relations people at the airport.  He's looking for a new job, real fast.

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