Monday, July 29, 2013

An absolutely PRICELESS link to another cab drivers comments!!

This link belongs to a driver in Las Vegas.  It's a question and answer thing.

His answers are VERY TRUTHFUL.  I found this thing while tracing some traffic to this blog.  It seems that a whole lot of people on the web want to know if cabbies carry guns.  My most recent post, posted just a few hours ago, gives my opinion about this matter.  The answer is, yes some carry them, and if they ever use it, they will regret carrying it for the rest of their life.

My dad's sister was married to a fellow who shot some people who held up his liquor store.  They tied him up, he got lose, and he killed a couple of them.  Their families harassed him for the rest of their lives.  Anonymous threats, but it was obvious where they were coming from.  Is that worth a couple of hundred dollars?  No.

Some people point to murders, and say, if the victim had a gun, it might have been different.  I read that in New Orleans a lot of cab drivers have been murdered.  It wouldn't be different unless the people doing it are morons, and they're not, they're criminals.  Why do I say that?

A guy came up behind me once with a big shiny impressive looking hunting knife and demanded money.  I thought to myself, if he was going to cut me, I'd be cut.  Obviously he doesn't intend on using that thing.  I walked away from him, he was shocked, and he didn't cut me.  Moral?  If somebody is going to kill you, they won't give you a chance to resist.  They might go through the, where is the rest of the money routine, but you're dead either way.  Giving them the extra money might buy you 90 seconds of extra terror, but you're dead either way.

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