Monday, September 6, 2010


I rented a room in a place that I will call hell. Only the moron who runs the place made the mistake of bragging about being a mormon. Fool!!

He's a convert, a bible thumping idiot who needs to thump a bible to keep from thinking about how he lives his life, day to day. Well, he doesn't realize that the temple has elders and a system of justice, and that system of justice protects everyone, mormons and the rest of us too. The owner of the property is a mormon too. So he uses a shill, an idiot tough guy convert, to do his dirty work. Both of them will be in mormon court, and perhaps local circuit court, and the health department will be here, as will be the fire department, inspecting. It's casual inspection that the plumbing has been done by a non licensed plumber. They're toast.

By the way, I was orientated by Union Cab today. Until I get fired, I'm a driver. Back in the saddle!!!!!!!

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