Monday, April 26, 2010

Paper shuffling

Most people think the company is in business to provide rides. I don't think that's been the case for quite a while. It's true that you can get a ride, but the money is in the administrative charge for filling out a charge slip. I'm not sure how much it is these days, but it's non trivial.

When I started driving, a delivery cost a buck more than a passenger for the same ride. I really liked deliveries, and I think all drivers did. Over time, the administrative charge for processing that slip increased. They say that the reason deliveries have declined is because of the color fax, and digital photography. Perhaps. Was any effort made to find anything to fill that void? I sure didn't see it. Did that processing charge deter people? I think so, but they'll argue it didn't.

The charge rides for people, used to be competitive, then it wasn't, now it is again. The issue is mostly drug testing. In order to get the BIG contract, you have to drug test. I always said I'd never pee in a cup unless it was to drive a big truck. So, I drove big trucks, acquiesced to drug testing, and started doing it at the cab company. I prostituted myself, and I should not have done it. It was never worth it, which is why the other cab companies in town don't.

Poor post............... Really poor quality, oh well. Sorry bout that.


Lugosi said...

Our company charges drivers 6% for both credit card slips and company vouchers. Yet drivers don't have the option to not accept them.

In_spired said...

You may deem this a "poor post" but Mr. Real Cab Driver, you are an awesome writer. I love your postings.

In_spired said...

You said:

"I prostituted myself, and I should not have done it. It was never worth it."

It happens in all career choices and, as you said, it's never worth it. We live and learn.

Time for another "posted" story!!

Real cab driver said...

You folks are VERY kind. I really do want to start over on that book. This thing crashed, low level format, and I lost a whole bunch of stuff. Worst of all, I can't remember where I was keeping the book stuff on the web, so unless it comes back to me, it's start over.

Doing house cleaning the other day, I came across my first ever cab permit. I was #64 in East Lansing back in the late '70's. While walking my dog this afternoon this fellow was telling me how terrible the job market was here when he got out of the Army in 1979. I thought it was a walk in the park, and it was compared to Michigan, my home. But if I ever get that best seller, I'm going home. The older I get, I miss it in strange ways. The same guy was telling me about how scary a place Detroit is. Ah..... Deeeeeetroit, Michigan. Remember Bob Segur and the Silver Bullet Band? Bob Segur played my 8th grade sock hop when we were both relatively children (he's 62 or 63 these days). Mitch Ryder came out of the crowd at a free concert in Gallup park in Ann Arbor and put on the best show I've ever seen in my life one Sunday afternoon. Yup, I want to go home someday.