Thursday, March 19, 2009

I could lose my family

I may have to get a life. I may have lost the one I have. See, last week, I had this little medical issue that resulted in a doctor saying I can't drive for 6 months. I didn't do anything wrong, like getting busted for driving under the influence, tickets, wreaks, nothing. And just like that, without any hope of appeal, no day in court, nothing, I lose not only a source of income, but worse yet, all the people I hold dear. Poof, just like that.

Roy Boy (bless that man) told me that after 6 months, if I get a medical ok, I can come back. Roy's always been as good as his word, but I'll believe it when I see it. It's not that Roy would stand in my way, it's more like another doctor could. There are some other things I'm not supposed to do, like riding a bicycle. Imagine, being told you can't ride a bicycle. For the time being, I'll be glad when I could ride a bike, which makes me wonder if I could ride one now. I don't have the ambition to shag mine out of the basement to find out this afternoon, but it certainly will go on the to do list, near the top. Why wouldn't I be able to ride one? My knees.

What happened to my knees? I'm not quite sure, but they sure do hurt. I couldn't walk at all for about 3 days, and now I can walk a little, but it's like I became elderly over night. The more I walk, and it really hurts bad to do so, the easier it gets next time. However, for now, 100 yards is a long long way. I can do it, but it takes a while. Getting old is a real drag!

If any of you out there are into praying (I'm not), at the top of my wish list is that Roy will let me work for the company training drivers, or answering phones, or something. In the past, a number of people in the office have wound up in the office because they had too many tickets or accidents, or even drunk driving. Which makes me think of Gumby, or Janitor Jim as he's called.

Back when he was a driver, he was The King, or King James. Then when he went to work for the University he became Gumby because he used his health insurance to have all those rotten teeth pulled out, and Janitor Jim because that's what he does at the University. The reason he went to work for the University was the DOT called up the cab company and told them not to even let him walk through the parking lot when he had his 3rd drunk driving pending against him. Imagine, 3 drunk drivings pending at once! First one, he decided to sleep in a parked car in a bar parking lot, second one I forget but it was silly, third one he and a friend were coming back from Lake Mills and his friend had to puke and Jim wouldn't pull over so his friend kicked the window out, and some truck driver called the cops.

Anyway, Jimmy used to dispatch on Saturday nights some, until he got pissed off at the company and decided he didn't want to come back.

If they let me work there I'm going to kiss dirty tile in the middle of the floor in the drivers room before I do anything else, and thank god for giving me back my family.


Michael said...

Hope you get better. I enjoy reading your blog, hope you can continue to work for the cab company. If you can, i'm sure the memories will keep coming. It also might be a good time to work on a book pitch or something.

Good Luck!

King of New York Hacks said...

Keep the faith brother RCD. My thoughts and positive prayers are being sent your way ! Hope it works out for you, keep us posted !

Real cab driver said...

The cause of my medical problem has been identified. I'm basically being poisoned. There's nothing I can do about it at the moment, like who's going to rent to me if I don't have a job. So, I have 21 weeks and change at the moment to go before I can drive again. I think I've found myself some work for the summer but I won't know for a few more weeks.


G.S. said...

How about a post to let your readers know how you're doing?