Friday, October 17, 2008

Now, if I can just get my cab permit renewed......

Most cab drivers don't have a CDL but I do. I can legally drive just about anything on the road. To celebrate getting my CDL renewed yesterday, with NO RESTRICTIONS, good for 50 states, I offer a link to a truck drivers blog

And, for some reason, because of the limitations of this clunky machine I use here, it's not allowing me to add to the blogs I watch, but I like the guys blog and want to follow it, so this link's mostly for me.


NYC taxi photo said...

cool, i've been wanting to get a cdl too, well first I think i should learn manual. but yeah that was a small question in the back of my head too. here we need a class E chauffeur license to have the hack license, and so if i change the class E to the cdl-a,b,c, etc.. it might make the class E chauffeur's in-valid.

seems odd though, because there are taxi drivers who have motorcycles, and that's a class M

anyway, there has to be a way to have both, it makes no sense otherwise.

Real cab driver said...

The gears on a big truck are 1,000 rpm's apart. So, if you're in second range 3rd, you wind it up to 2,000 rpm's, push it into neutral, let the tach drop to 1,000 and slip it into 4th. This assumes the truck is going a constant speed. DO NOT try this going down a hill.

No special drivers license is needed to drive a cab here, but you do need to take a course in sensitivity at the local community college. They teach you to say that some people are challenged instead of saying they are retarded.

Bob said...

Hi thanks for the comment and the link. I have added you to my bloglist too. Cheers Bob Taxi.Tales