Wednesday, October 29, 2008

About cab windows.......

In the previous post, I described an arguement with passengers over rolling down the windows. Many years ago, I decided that the only way I could function with passengers was to treat everyone the same. Young old, black white, male female, everyone gets treated exactly the same way.

The passengers in the previous post wanted to hang out the windows. Once you roll that window down, it's down. If they want to hang out of the window, there isn't anything you can do to stop them. If some bozo who's chewing tobacco decides to spit out the window, guess what, he will. In fact, he may even put in a chew just because he has a place to spit. Same goes for smoking. A lot of people think that the minute they have the window open, it's ok to smoke, well it isn't. Ever had a pedestrian try to put an empty beer bottle through your window, just for sport? Or a snow ball?

When Hozer started driving, I saw him with what we call, 'a heavy load', heading down East Washington, on his way to a gentlemans club (titty bar). If memory serves, he even made it there. Many times, passengers will ask a driver if they can get a return ride, and Hozer has a cell phone, so he agreed to do that return ride. On the way out, I'd seen one of his passengers sitting on the widow ledge, with his hands on the roof of the cab, riding in the wind. I'm thinking there were around 8 guys in the cab. Well, on the way back, they got the WRONG kind of attention. Hozer was not compensated for the $400-$500 in tickets, not to mention the points.

Bottom line is, it's much safer to keep the windows rolled up, no matter what any passenger thinks, than it is to have one or 2 morons in a years time, do something weird. And yes, passengers do weird stuff, very weird stuff sometimes.

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